Now Accepting Donations.

So Mini-Me is officially cast free but she has a splint/brace thingy. It’ll certainly make it easier for prom. However, still no driving and no work for at least 2 more weeks. Plus, she has about 3 weeks of physical therapy.  If you don’t remember what happened to Mini-Me, you can read about it here.

Cast coming off

On another note, I have 2 more weeks of mom’s taxi service, shorter work days (a/k/a smaller paychecks), larger fuel bills, and continued indentured servitude as butler/maid to crutch-girl.

Mom's Taxi Service

On another note, the dog is licking my feet right now. I don’t care. It feels good. Oh. So. Good. Since I’ve been working my debt snowball, this is the closest to a pedicure I’ve had in a long while.

Don't Judge Me

On another note, I’m now accepting donations for pedicures and massages. You’ll probably be saving the life of one of my children.

Why are you laughing?


2 thoughts on “Now Accepting Donations.

  1. Hi. May I use the taxi meme from this post in an online course that I am writing on family faith formation for

    Also, I am enjoying your blog. As a person trying to parent and freelance at the same time, you’re writing material that’s exactly where I am. 🙂

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