7 Signs You’re a Helicopter Mom.

Helicopter Mom


Here’s a Little Ditty.

Jack & DianeFor whatever reason, the word “ditty” fell out of my lips today when talking with the kids.  I immediately started singing “Jack & Diane”.

You should have seen the look they gave me. Crickets were chirping.

Seriously though. I have LOVED Jack & Diane ever since my ears first heard it. Who doesn’t love that song?! I’m going to start saying “ditty” whenever I can fit it in conversation. Then the person to whom I speaking will start singing “about Jack & Diane. Two ‘merican kids, tryin’ to do the best they can.” Then I’ll smile and my friend will smile and then we’ll have a moment and be even better friends. Then my friend and I will be happy and will smile at strangers who will then be happy and smile at more strangers and then the whole world would end up smiling.

Thank you John Mellencamp. You made the world smile.

Pity Party.

You know, when you’re a single parent, it’s rare that there’s someone to offer a shoulder to cry on when you desperately need it. Sure, there are friends, but they have their own lives. Yes, you have kids, but it’s not their burden to bear, OR, they’re the reason you’re so sad. Yes, you have parents, but they’re asleep.

As a single parent, there are times that when it feels like the world is caving in on you because it is literally caving in on you.

Alone is utterly alone.

There’s no tag-team.

There’s just you.

“Bootstrap yourself. Tomorrow WILL be better”, you keep repeating.

But for right now, I will cry, until I fall asleep.