7 Signs You’re a Helicopter Mom.

Helicopter Mom


13 thoughts on “7 Signs You’re a Helicopter Mom.

  1. I’m all excited that I’m on your wall over there!!! Oh and I love your list and am happy that I didn’t see myself anywhere on the list!!! #getschooled #BlogU14

    • Teri! You’re a big inspiration for me – for my blog and humor posts – even if you don’t sing “Miss The Bus” songs anymore.

      And did you hastag so you can get ticket creds?!?

      I bet you did, you sneaky-sneak.

  2. Thank you, Jesus, I didn’t see me anywhere on that list, but come on….mine is 16.

    However. I DO work with women who do this crap and more. Makes me hurl in my mouth. I just walk away shaking my head and thinking, “Fool…you are begging for your kid to be the last one picked on the kickball team making him wear a helmet to the bathroom like you do.”

    You’re a hoot, sister. =)

  3. hahaha. Well, I don’t do any of THOSE things, but I’m closer to a helicopter parent than not when it comes to safety stuff. And whoever doesn’t like it can kiss my helmet! πŸ˜‰

    • OH MY GOSH!!! YOU HAVE TO GET A PICTURE AND SEND IT TO ME!!! I’m totally yelling… while laughing. Poor kid. Please tell me it’s a big dog and drags the poor kid.

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