Happy Graduation Day, Mini-Me!

WAHOOOOOOO! Happy High School Graduation Day, Mini-Me! I’m so, so excited, happy, elated, thrilled, ecstatic . . . You get the point.

That’s 2 down, 1 more to go!

I’m on the downhill slope to freedom! Thank you, Lord! End of tunnel, I see you. You can’t hide. You’re right there, within my reach.

Seriously, [tears forming] I love Mini-Me so much. She is such a wonderful young lady. I worry: Did I prepare her enough? Did my choices hurt her in such a way that it will color her choices negatively? How will our relationship change? Will she truly know how much I love her?

Oh my gosh, this child has tested me in so many ways. I’ve said it before, she’s exactly like me. She rebuts, “Yeah, but I’m the new and improved version.” She’s right. The character flaws I see in her are the ones I gave her, yet she has infinitely more positive character attributes than I probably have now. In all honesty, my biggest complaint of her is how much soda she drinks. If that is my biggest complaint, then HOW BLESSED AM I!?!

We never had drugs or drinking issues, well, that I know of. We had minor boyfriend issues, but, nothing like my parents had to deal with (ssshhhh, don’t tell Mini-Me that). This kid has the patience of a saint when it comes to little children. Even though she and her sister fight like the Crips and the Bloods, she’ll always find compassion for The Weez if she sees The Weez hurting. Always.

Mini-Me, we’re starting a new chapter in our relationship. I’m scared and excited and anxious and overjoyed. Everything is changing for both of us. I love you, child. Please know that. Please know that even through all of my mess-ups, I love you. You are a remarkable young lady. I love you so much. Do you hear me, kid? I LOVE YOU, MINI-ME! Oh, and happy graduation.

Mini-Me at Kindergarten Graduation


One thought on “Happy Graduation Day, Mini-Me!

  1. Oh, my goodness….this is just precious! Moms and daughters seem to fuss and fight so much, it’s great to see the love just oozing off the page here!

    You’ve done a great job, sister. All of her greatness comes from all of that greatness of you. You instilled all that compassion and love and good standards.

    Congrats to Mini-Me and congrats to YOU!

    Love. =)

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