And The Winner Is . . .

Thanks to all who submitted pictures for the First Day of School Picture Contest. Just look at all this adorableness! How can I pick just one winner? Also, I know some of you and would hate to be accused of favoritism. The only fair thing to do is simply draw names.

Without further delay, the winner is . . .

Jen S! 

Check your Facebook, Jen! I sent you a private message with instructions on how to claim your $20 gift card from Penny Jules.

Special honorable mention goes to Nicole S. Her submission is the cat. Sorry Nicole. The only prize is this shout out, and . . .

Penny Jules wants to offer a special 25% off discount to all the contest participants. Expect a private message on Facebook from Heather at Penny Jules. She is sending you a special code to redeem this discount.

For everyone else, you can redeem 20% off at Penny Jules. Just enter “EndofSummer14” at check out. 



Tell me. How does that make you feel?

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