Wild Turkey.




This what they look before we eat them.

I’m at my sister’s for the holidays. About an hour ago, these 2 Tom turkeys wandered into the backyard. Fun fact: see their beards. A Tom (male) turkey is judged by the size of his beard. I can’t help but think that these 2 were in hiding and assume it’s safe to come out now.

Seeing these two reminds of the time my dad and I were going fishing.

We were driving down a narrow road, towing the boat behind us. Dad’s a bit of a speed demon. We were probably going 15 over the speed limit. The sun was glinting and shimmering through the woods so it was hard to see the road at times.

All of a sudden, dad slammed on the brakes, so hard that the boat lifted off the trailer. There they were: a rafter of turkeys. Had to be at least 10 or 15 of them. We were right on top of them. It was amazing. It really was a sight to see.

Not a single turkey or human was injured and no damage to the boat.

Have you ever seen a turkey in the wild before?


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