Now Accepting Donations.

So Mini-Me is officially cast free but she has a splint/brace thingy. It’ll certainly make it easier for prom. However, still no driving and no work for at least 2 more weeks. Plus, she has about 3 weeks of physical therapy.  If you don’t remember what happened to Mini-Me, you can read about it here.

Cast coming off

On another note, I have 2 more weeks of mom’s taxi service, shorter work days (a/k/a smaller paychecks), larger fuel bills, and continued indentured servitude as butler/maid to crutch-girl.

Mom's Taxi Service

On another note, the dog is licking my feet right now. I don’t care. It feels good. Oh. So. Good. Since I’ve been working my debt snowball, this is the closest to a pedicure I’ve had in a long while.

Don't Judge Me

On another note, I’m now accepting donations for pedicures and massages. You’ll probably be saving the life of one of my children.

Why are you laughing?


Still Here.

Geez la-weez! I have writer’s block something awful. Just wanted to let you know I’m still here. Still breathing. Mini-Me is still in her cast. The Weez is still pubescening (that might not be a word but you get it). I’m still drinking wine.

Hey, did you know that Pinterest will consider you a spammer and block you if you send over 100 pins to someone? Yeah, Mini-Me can’t drive so she’s on Pinterest and stumbled upon that rule. She’s making sure I join her in the abyss. I’m the beneficiary of all those Pinterest shares.

I think my dog, Bert, is losing his hearing. He won’t come when I call him. It takes a lot to get him to come to me. Or maybe he’s turning into one of my teenagers. He is 13 years old after all.

I have no vitamin D left in my system. I live in the south, on the coast, for a reason. I’m heliotropic and MUST. HAVE. SUN. We’ve had so much rain and cold and blah that I’m sure my body thinks I live in Chicago. If I don’t have a commitment (like work), I stay in my pjs and watch Netflix. The sun’s not out, so what’s the point.

Okay y’all. Just wanted to let you know I’m alive. Maybe I’ll write something later.

Interior Design and Mommy Blogs.

The Blog University posted a pretty ironic picture on Facebook the other day. No one seemed to have caught on. Or maybe they did. Yet, no one commented so I can only speculate. Regardless, my first thought was not about the irony in the picture but of interior design. Yes, I said interior 2 (1)

My firm moved to a new location a year ago. The Southern Adventuress is the other paralegal in the office. She has an amazing knack for interior design. Naturally, she was in charge of decorating the new office. I think she did pretty well. In fact, she’s so good at it, she blogs about it. You can find the Southern Adventuress and examples of her work at

My favorite thing she did for the firm was to refurbish a pair of chairs for my office. I LOVE THEM! She covered the chairs with muslin fabric, then painted a green undercoat, next an orange top coat and finally sanded them so specks of the green peeked through. These colors were chosen to match a pair of paintings that Mini-Me and I did at Wine & Design. Colorful chairs and nice paintings to boot! My office is so pretty.

My office chairsWell, bless her heart, one of Southern Adventuress’ final touches was to fill the bookshelf in the reception area. Bossman and I blankly stared at the bookshelf when she announced that her work was done. I awkwardly state, “Um, that’s nice?” Bossman lacks the filter I do and flat out asks, “how is anyone going to know what books are in there?” Southern Adventuress responds that she read a design magazine that said it’s more pleasing to the eye to have books all the same color. One could turn the books inward to hide the multi-color spines and avoid distraction. To this day, the bookshelves remain as-is, even though Southern Adventuress is on maternity leave for over a month. I didn’t get it then and am still not convinced it works for our bookshelf. So sorry Southern Adventuress. I still love you.


So, when Blog University posted the first pic above, all I could think was of interior design. My next thought was how could Barnes & Noble sell any books if they put design above function? That’s when I got the joke.

I hope to get a lot more jokes and learn how to be a better blogger when I #getschooled at #BlogU14. I guess you can come too if you really want. I’m sure it’s going to be super boring and there won’t be anything fun to do. I’m sure of it. So don’t go to their website and sign up for the conference. NO! DON’T DO IT!

Why don’t you ever listen? You’re just like my kids.

Post Script:
Since the Southern Adventuress informed Bossman and me of our lack of interior design knowledge, I did find several helpful articles that discuss the pros and cons of uniformity in design. Here are the links: