My Pants are on the Ground.

I’ve lost just over 30 LBs since last summer. I have yet to buy new clothes that fit me properly.  I don’t want to buy clothes for 2 reasons: 1) I’m still losing weight  2) I HATE shopping for clothes and 3) although I’ve lost the LBs, I’ve only gone down 1 size. Most of the weight is gone from my boobs and my ass.  Why, oh why, couldn’t it be my waist or thighs?  This is messing with my head.

At first, it was not such a big deal to wear my bigger clothes. Sure. I look a bit like the Saggy Baggy Elephant. He’s cute, so my saggy, baggy ass must be cute too. Okay, maybe not as cute.

Saggy Baggy Elephant

Something happened this morning to make me decide it is definitely time to go buy new clothes.  Walking down the hallway past the girls’ rooms, my pants just, well, they fell. Had someone recorded the event, we could win $10,000. My lovely snot-nosed children burst out laughing at me. I love it when they laugh at me. It means they’re not fighting. I don’t love it when they point at me and sing “looking like a fool with your pants on ground!”

Actually, none of this happened.  This was only a vision I had while putting on my pants this morning. It was more of a prophecy than a vision.  This WILL happen.  I DO NOT look like Saggy Baggy Elephant but more like your Grandma.

I’m buying new pants today.