Bottomless What?

Every once in a while (AND only on a Friday), I treat myself to a bagel.  I’m a carb-o-whorevore.  Bread is my thing.  Today, I stopped at Bruegger’s Bagels on the Crosstown.  This is not my first choice for bagels, but it’s on my way to work, therefore, convenient.  I usually go inside because 1) I think drive-thrus are for lazy people and 2) the drive-thru is always soooooo looooooong. Today, I went through the drive-thru as there were no cars and was feeling a bit lazy.

How convenient!  Brueggers Bagels was so gracious to paste this oxymoronic flyer to the speaker for my viewing pleasure. Please, please forgive me that I did not get a better photo, but hopefully, you can make out the contradiction.