She’s So Lucky. I’m So Lucky.

So, my friend, Ashli, has a very successful foodie blog. She’s fantastic at it. She lives in Texas. I live in South Carolina. I love reading her restaurant reviews even though they don’t apply to me. Yo, need to know where to find some good eats in Houston or Dallas? I can tell ya despite never stepping a foot into any of my recommendations. Thanks Ashli, I am taking all the creds.

Ashli and I’ve known each other for years. By that I mean we were step-cousins as kids. Now were ex-step cousins but current Facebook friends and mutual Twitter followers. I always thought she was über cool. She was pretty and popular and confident and I was awkward. Basically, nothing’s changed. She’s a couple of years older than me, but, darn it, that snot looks way younger. She oozes coolness and hotness. And she’s so, so sweet. She’s the epitome of the perfect woman.

Make sure you check out Ashli’s foodie blog, Almost VeggiesAlmost Veggies

Like I said, Ashli is a successful foodie blogger and gaining more followers by the nano-second. Ashli thought she’d branch out and start a new website for all things haute couture: Maybe she was drinking that day because she sent me a message and asked me to be a contributor to Oh Ashli, you had me at hello. You had me at hello!

“Of course I will but I am so plain Jane. No haute couture here. You’ve read my blog and know that I just recently learned of eyebrow pencils.” She didn’t care. “Just send me what you want,” she said.

I think it was 3 years before I sent Ashli anything. Ok, I’m exaggerating but was a good month and a half. I felt so guilty because I sent her nothing to contribute as promised. I thought I had to focus on restaurant reviews or write about a makeup tricks my teen daughters taught me. Finally, I felt inspired to write a normal blog post, meaning something I thought was funny enough for, you know, mommy-ish and pointless. I wrote the post in record time but could not publish on No, I owed a contribution to Ashli.

Surely Ashli would reject it. It was all about being lazy and ice cream and my adventures in manipulating my kids. To my surprise, she did publish it! And you know what else? She made a special section just for me! I’m a contributor for the “Lucky Life” Section of! Please visit and read my first article “Lazy Saturday“.

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She's So Lucky