Still Here.

Geez la-weez! I have writer’s block something awful. Just wanted to let you know I’m still here. Still breathing. Mini-Me is still in her cast. The Weez is still pubescening (that might not be a word but you get it). I’m still drinking wine.

Hey, did you know that Pinterest will consider you a spammer and block you if you send over 100 pins to someone? Yeah, Mini-Me can’t drive so she’s on Pinterest and stumbled upon that rule. She’s making sure I join her in the abyss. I’m the beneficiary of all those Pinterest shares.

I think my dog, Bert, is losing his hearing. He won’t come when I call him. It takes a lot to get him to come to me. Or maybe he’s turning into one of my teenagers. He is 13 years old after all.

I have no vitamin D left in my system. I live in the south, on the coast, for a reason. I’m heliotropic and MUST. HAVE. SUN. We’ve had so much rain and cold and blah that I’m sure my body thinks I live in Chicago. If I don’t have a commitment (like work), I stay in my pjs and watch Netflix. The sun’s not out, so what’s the point.

Okay y’all. Just wanted to let you know I’m alive. Maybe I’ll write something later.