SoCal Burrito and Fit Mama Eats.

I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE food and right now, I am seriously fighting the munchies. Bacon, does anybody have any bacon?

I don’t buy junk food (or sodas) which makes me a horrible mother, I know. My children sneak candybars, jelly beans and M&Ms and hoard them in their rooms. Mini-Me is at work and The Weez just left for the Pumpkin Patch. Maybe I’ll raid their rooms. I can be stealth so they’ll never know.  Besides, I can always blame the dogs. They won’t be home for hours. I can totally get away with this. I’m just that desperate. The problem is that I allowed The Weez to convince me to order Chinese food last night. Sweet & Sour Chicken, Sesame Chicken, Fu Man Chu (wait, that’s a mustache) might as well be crack. My body does not do well with fast-prep, MSG laden fake fuel and now it’s rebelling. I’m seriously jonesing for some for junk food. Please, oh please, someone give me sour cream & onion chips!

I know exactly what will satisfy my craving and put me back onto the path of enlightenment – Thai Peanut Chicken Burritos. Yep, that is the cure-all. In 2005, I stumbled upon a little southern-Cali-Mex restaurant tucked away in a converted gas station (which was the last full-service gas station in my little town). The restaurant was called SoCal Burritos. I very quickly became addicted to their Thai Peanut Chicken Burritos. It got to the point that I would go every single day for lunch. I’d call ahead and say in my shady, back-alley voice, “hey, its me” and then hung up. Within minutes, my burrito was ready and I was well on my way to having an afternoon delight.

Sadly, SoCal lasted about 18 mos. They were always packed, got great reviews, but one day, SoCal closed. Forever. Such a mystery. My heart broke. I quickly sank into a depression. A month or so into my mourning, I noticed a “For Sale” sign on the property. I had to find out what happened to my beloved SoCal. Maybe I could even figure out a way to get the recipe. I called the realtor and pretended to be an interested buyer. “Yes, hello. I’m calling about SoCal Burritos.” “Oh hi. Would you like to come by and see the property?,” he said. “Not necessary,” I said. “I was a loyal customer and am looking into re-opening the restaurant.” After a good 30 minutes into the conversation, I learned that the owners left the restaurant in the incapable hands of the manager. The restaurant would not survive the financial drain of his mismanagement. I was not able to obtain the recipe. My depression deepened.

I went on a mission; this depression must come to an end. Only a Thai Peanut Chicken Burrito can fix this. Six years. Six  l l l l o o o o o n n n n n g g g g  years, I searched and tested recipes. I manipulated and tweaked but failed at every turn. Then, one blessed April day in 2012, I stumbled upon The heavens parted and the angelic choir sang, “HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hall-e-lu-jah!”

Just a few tweaks here and there and OH MY GOSH!!! I found the recipe! “Girls! Girls!” I called. “Girls, we will never go hungry again. God is my witness, we will never go hungry again!” They stared at me blankly and then returned to the glow of their laptop screens. Have I mentioned that they are little snots?

OK y’all. Time for me to go. I’m starving and about to flit away in the breeze. I need some serious calories. Good fuel. Fuel that won’t send my body into shock. If you want some good fuel too, then go to FitMamaEats and get the recipe.  **I substitute the broccoli and carrots for cucumbers and black beans.

Thai Peanut Chicken Burrito