Please Let It Go.

Did you hear the news that sweet Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam sang “Let It Go” from Frozen in a recent concert?  You can read about it here.

All I can say is, Nnnnnnoooooooo! Eddie, nooooo.

People bought tickets to see you and escape their children, not be reminded that they get to watch that stupid movie and sing that stupid song eight more times this week, especially since it’s summer break. The typical summer routine is this:

Monday – water park and Frozen.
Tuesday – craft day at library and Frozen.
Wednesday – $1 movie day, and of course, they’re playing Frozen.
ThursdayChuck E. Cheese (because they serve alcohol). Oh, and Chuck E. sings “Let It Go” just as you leave. Naturally, kids beg to watch Frozen on the car ride home.
Friday (finally) – you’re just too tired to do anything and tell kids to entertain themselves. They fight over watching Caillou (which would be a welcomed change) but Frozen won out.

Ok, so Eddie blended a chorus from “Let It Go” into his song “Daughter”. That’s cute, I guess. I heard the news report that Eddie has daughters who just LOVE Frozen. Fine. I get it. They’re his motivation.

Well, I’ll try not to judge him harshly. I sang the Barney song. Every. Single. Day. when The Boy was growing up. I died a little each time. So much so that the girls never watched a single episode under my watch.

I know Frozen is a big deal. I wonder how many of this year’s VBS themes will be “Frozen”. You can bet cold, hard cash that I won’t be a volunteer for any of those. No way. Not at all. Nope. Eddie, you didn’t have to join the Frozen bandwagon too.

And Eddie, if I make it to one of your concerts, please don’t sing it again. My kids are older now. I don’t have to cater to children’s whims any more. Just let me rock out to “Nothingman”. It’ll be like the 90s all over again.