Life is a Beach.

Time to go to the town council meeting.  They can’t take away my right to have beer at the beach!  Someone must stop this madness!

Sunglasses & croakies? CHECK.

Columbia fishing shirt? CHECK.

Dirty, wrinkly khakis that make me look like I haven’t bathed in a week? CHECK.

Shoes?  Who wears shoes? This is the beach, man.

Ban shoes not beer!


Everybody ♥s a BOGO!

This ad first caught my eye because it is from a former employer from the mid 90s.  At that job, I learned that there is nothing scarier than moms at 5:00AM on Black Friday in a children’s high-end clothier.  HOLY MOLY!

The 3rd arrow might have been a stretch, but I read “fat”.  Proper placement/spacing goes a long way.

All Summer.  Three Days Only.


Eat Milk.

Isn’t it time to throw out the milk if you can eat it?

Eat Milk?