SATs and Mini-Me.

Mini-Me finally got past her fourth attempt at her second (2nd) time taking the SATs. Did you catch that? Yeah, well [gulp wine], she took her first test her junior year. Decided to take her second test on her BIRTHDAY at the conclusion of her junior year. By the way, her birthday always (ALWAYS) falls on the LAST day of the LAST week of the school year.  Yes folks, her birthday. I asked her not to schedule her test on that day because she won’t want to go, but why should she listen to me? I’m just her mom after all.

Of course, the day of her birth started just like any other – a day of whining because she shouldn’t have to take her SATs on her birthday. “Fine,” I said.  “You get to pay for rescheduling it.” “Fine!” she retorts. She relents because she realizes how much that is in StarBUCKS and storms off to take her SATs. I slip back into bed, wiping my sweaty, (hairless) eyebrows. Barely 20 minutes later, I hear the front door.  She forgot her admittance ticket. Instead of calling me to bring it to her, which would have kept her on time, she drives aaaallllllllllllll the way back home to get it. Needless to say, she missed her 1st attempt at her 2nd SAT test. Yes, that was her birthday gift: big, fat argument with mom for forgetting such a thing. Her 2nd and 3rd attempts at her 2nd time to take the SATs failed because she overslept. Her 4th attempt at her second test finally took place THIS past Saturday, despite her efforts to thwart best-made-plans. [THANK YOU, GOD!]

Regardless, I’m here to celebrate the SATs. Let’s encourage all these l’il ducklings to find their wings and flee the nest. Oh my gosh, please flee. So, in honor of SAT prep, I present to you an analogy which I hold close to my heart because it’s my motto so true. (This will be on the test, so pay attention.)