Rachel is Throwing a Temper Tantrum and Using the Legal System as her Stage.

(Photo: ABC News)

Have you been following the court action that an 18 yo brought against her parents seeking $650/week in support while she attends college? Did you know that the entire reason for this legal action is because the parents, Sean and Elizabeth Canning, told their daughter, Rachel, that she can’t date a particular boy anymore? Apparently the Cannings tried to reign in their daughter’s behavior by taking away her brand new car, giving her a list of chores and requiring her to be respectful when talking to her mom. Rachel thought this was unreasonable so she moved out of the house and sued her parents for financial support. Yesterday, a judge denied her request for support.

Are the parents being reasonable? EMPHATICALLY YES! Are the parents very late in trying to discipline their child? Yep. Rachel is referred to as “The Spoiled Teen”. Well, how did she get spoiled? Obviously, the Cannings missed some key parenting opportunities when she was younger and when they had more control. Once a child hits puberty, parenting opportunities lessen. Boundaries become increasingly difficult to instill as the child becomes a teen.

I have no doubt that the Cannings love Rachel, especially since they told her “NO”. I just wonder if their parenting choices contributed to this situation. Or, could all this happen because Rachel has a mental issue or addiction? It’s too easy to speculate and assign blame as to the root of this situation. Did the parents cause this? Did Rachel cause this? Woulda/shoulda/coulda. Blah blah blah. None of this is the point.

Rachel is throwing a temper tantrum and using the legal system as her stage. This, folks, deeply angers me. Rachel ran away to her friend’s house. The friend’s parents, John and Amy Inglesino, are paying for her attorneys’ fees. Who the frick are these people? If they’re so concerned, then why aren’t they paying for family therapy and encouraging reunification for this family? Rachel fully admits in court that this lawsuit boils down to her parents’ demand that she not date a certain boy. ARE YOU FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME?!?!? What are the Inglesinos thinking?!

If this is parental neglect and Rachel is entitled to $650/week in support while she attends college, then I WAS GYPPED! Forget about me. What about all the children who truly are neglected and removed from their parents’ care? Who’s going to make sure they get to go college? Who’s going to give them $650/week in support? How dare the Inglesinos encourage this entitled brat’s claim. If they really want to help a child in need, then fight poverty and support organizations that build families. Help an organization like HALOS.

Charleston Halos

This organization actually supports children who’ve been removed from their parents care. Wouldn’t HALOS benefit more from the money spent on this lawsuit? Wouldn’t society benefit more?