I Did a Bad, Bad Thing.

Mini-Me is a high school senior. She and her dad have been doing all the college application stuff with little involvement from me. Frankly, I like it this way. She’s stubborn (like me) so I have no advice to offer that she’d value (according to her). If I get involved, then Mini-Me and I are sure to start WWIII.

She only applied to 3 colleges. One was her choice; the other 2 applications were obligatory because of her dad and me. Of course, we wanted her to apply to more universities, but she didn’t. Again, I stayed quiet for prior reasons stated.

Mini-Me was accepted quickly into the school of her choice. Of course. Do you want to know why she wanted to go there? Her boyfriend. Yep, her boyfriend. She NEVER would’ve picked this school otherwise. N E V E R.

A month goes by and still no word on the other college choices. She told me that she was going to the school of her choice, so I never questioned that the other 2 schools had yet to accept or deny her. Her dad was not happy about her choice and pushed the issue. We found out that her high school overlooked sending her official transcripts which resulted in the delay. Within a few short weeks of receiving her official transcripts, we heard from her dad’s choice. ACCEPTED!! Bummer because this was Mini-Me’s and my least favorite choice.

Fast forward two weeks and still no answer from the university of my choice. I keep asking and she keeps checking the mail. Actually, she’s been a mail-checking freak. Ever since she was accepted into her least favorite choice, she thought hearing from my choice would help her in her rebuttal for us to allow her to attend her choice. Also, my choice is the lessor evil if she can’t go to her school.

Friday was my birthday and Good Friday. Guess what came in the mail on Friday? Guess who was off from work for Good Friday and was able to check the mail instead of Mini-Me? Yep, c’est moi.

I open the mail box and find the letter. The very flat envelope. The very thin, see through envelope. I don’t know what came over me. No, I didn’t open the letter but I held that sucker in the sun until enough light filtered through to read the REJECTION. GASP! WHAT THE BLANKETY-BLANK-BLANK!?!?!?

Cue, Chris Isaak.

It’s MY birthday. I’ll be d@mned if I break this news to Mini-Me. Birthdays suck enough when you’re single. I’m not adding fuel to this fire.

I hid the letter.

My girls and I celebrated my birthday. It was wonderful. They treated me to a very swanky dinner and gave me awesome gifts: a mega wine cup and tennis gear. I love that they get me.

Now that my birthday is over, it’s Easter weekend. I am NOT breaking this news on Easter.

The letter stays hidden.

Now it’s Monday. Not that God supports lies, He must be behind this because the kids are not home when I come home from work. Mini-Me has not checked the mail. This is it. This is my opportunity to plant the letter with today’s mail.

Here goes nothing.