I Have a Nice Side Too.

Camouflage Christmas

Camouflage Christmas

So when I’m not picking on babies or admiring my eyebrows, I fill out Christmas cards.  Yes, even when it’s not Christmas.  See?  I’m not completely heartless.

Mini-Me, The Weez, and I started a non-profit in 2007 called Camouflage Christmas.  We send Christmas cards to service men and women serving overseas during the Christmas holidays.  To date, we have sent 16,422 Christmas cards.  We triple count, so I’m sure that is an exact number.  No one cares that I may be counting cards in the wee hours of the morning while enjoying a bottle glass of cheap Californian Chardonnay.

I’d love  it, my girls would love  it, many Camouflage Christmas volunteers would love  it . . . so why not just do IT?  IT is to FOLLOW the Camouflage Christmas blog, LIKE Camouflage Christmas on Facebook, and follow Camouflage Christmas on Twitter (@CamoChristmas).  After you’ve done those 3 steps, then DONATE Christmas cards, WRITE Christmas cards, HOST an event and PAT yourself on the back because you helped make a soldier’s day a little brighter.  

I admit, there is an ulterior motive behind this solicitation for your services.  I’m worried that I’m developing carpal tunnel.  You can save me from this by writing as many Christmas cards as possible so I don’t have to OR you can pay for the corrective surgery.  Where should I send the bill?

Camouflage Christmas 7th Annual Campaign starts Nov. 1 and runs through Dec. 3.
Please visit the blog and Facebook for detailed information for ways you can help.