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The Blog University posted a pretty ironic picture on Facebook the other day. No one seemed to have caught on. Or maybe they did. Yet, no one commented so I can only speculate. Regardless, my first thought was not about the irony in the picture but of interior design. Yes, I said interior 2 (1)

My firm moved to a new location a year ago. The Southern Adventuress is the other paralegal in the office. She has an amazing knack for interior design. Naturally, she was in charge of decorating the new office. I think she did pretty well. In fact, she’s so good at it, she blogs about it. You can find the Southern Adventuress and examples of her work at

My favorite thing she did for the firm was to refurbish a pair of chairs for my office. I LOVE THEM! She covered the chairs with muslin fabric, then painted a green undercoat, next an orange top coat and finally sanded them so specks of the green peeked through. These colors were chosen to match a pair of paintings that Mini-Me and I did at Wine & Design. Colorful chairs and nice paintings to boot! My office is so pretty.

My office chairsWell, bless her heart, one of Southern Adventuress’ final touches was to fill the bookshelf in the reception area. Bossman and I blankly stared at the bookshelf when she announced that her work was done. I awkwardly state, “Um, that’s nice?” Bossman lacks the filter I do and flat out asks, “how is anyone going to know what books are in there?” Southern Adventuress responds that she read a design magazine that said it’s more pleasing to the eye to have books all the same color. One could turn the books inward to hide the multi-color spines and avoid distraction. To this day, the bookshelves remain as-is, even though Southern Adventuress is on maternity leave for over a month. I didn’t get it then and am still not convinced it works for our bookshelf. So sorry Southern Adventuress. I still love you.


So, when Blog University posted the first pic above, all I could think was of interior design. My next thought was how could Barnes & Noble sell any books if they put design above function? That’s when I got the joke.

I hope to get a lot more jokes and learn how to be a better blogger when I #getschooled at #BlogU14. I guess you can come too if you really want. I’m sure it’s going to be super boring and there won’t be anything fun to do. I’m sure of it. So don’t go to their website and sign up for the conference. NO! DON’T DO IT!

Why don’t you ever listen? You’re just like my kids.

Post Script:
Since the Southern Adventuress informed Bossman and me of our lack of interior design knowledge, I did find several helpful articles that discuss the pros and cons of uniformity in design. Here are the links:


You’re on Your Own, Folks.

Y’all, it’s going to be a rough November. I have so many draft posts, but none are ready for your viewing pleasure. BELIEVE ME. I want nothing more than to write for you all day, but I can’t. Wait, yes I can. I am now accepting donations. Please send me all your money so I don’t have to go to work and I can write for you and make you laugh and give you someone at which to laugh. Again, I’m doing it all for you.

“But Caroline,” you say. “What’s keeping you from me?” “Oh Darling, I’m so sorry. I want to be with you. I want to stimulate your funny bone and make you smile. It’s Camouflage Christmas.” I reply.

Camouflage Christmas officially kicked off it’s 7th Annual Campaign this past weekend. Camo Christmas is a l’il non-profit Mini-Me, The Weez & I started in 2007. We have a huge goal for this year. We’re aiming to break 20,000 Christmas cards and I’m slightly overwhelmed; hence, you will be neglected. We’re based in SC, but there are folks in VA, OH and TX helping. Businesses, churches, community groups and schools have been recruited. I promise you’re my favorite red-headed step-child, but right now, I have to focus on Camouflage Christmas. Apparently, I’m the only one who knows how to draft a powerpoint and publisher flyer. I truly hope you understand.

I’ll do what I can to send you some funny lovin’ but I make no promises. It’s not you, it’s me. I will feed your need on Facebook and Twitter (@acarolinemcl). So all you have to do to get your fix is find/follow me there! First sample is free. You’ll like it, I promise. You get what you pay for.

Oh, one more thing, SUPPORT Camouflage Christmas. You don’t have to be in South Carolina to participate. You can start it on your own in your hometown or partner with us. I’ll hold your hand through the process.  I promise, it’s worth it to send some love to a service man/woman that’s sacrificing so much while serving in our military.

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